Starting off on the right foot…or off the foot I guess it is

August 13, 2009 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment

I have always identified myself by what I do…a dancer…a runner…a scholar…but when that is taken away, what’s left?  It’s about time I found out.

I still call myself a dancer and a runner, but if I’m completely honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve really done either. Especially that running part.  Well after quite some time of calling myself a runner but never actually running, I decided to dust off the ol’ sneaks, and head out on a run. A little running, a little walking, a little getting lost…but I did it. I was back. The next week, sneakers still by the door, I did it again. 3 miles. Ran the whole thing. Albeit slow, I did it. I felt great…exhilarated…every inch of my body remembering why I used to run all.the.time. Oh, yeah, I hurt…absolutlely frozen to the bone and couldn’t warm up…it was wonderful.

And then it ended. A dull ache in my foot quickly turned into agononizing pain, bruising, and a much unwanted trip to the doctor. The diagnosis? Unknown. Stay off of it for six weeks. In a boot.  A beautiful, attractive, ugly blue boot. I listened. I stayed off it. It didn’t get better. Fast forward six months. Unhealed and unknown what’s wrong. My other foot and my hands have decided to provide company to the originally injured foot. With no answers and tired of being sidelined, I decided to jump back in the saddle. Running was out of the question, as was any weight bearing activity…dancing, step, even spinning would prove to be a challenge.  Enter the pool. Yup, swimming hurts…but it felt great to be moving.  Soon I realized that all though it hurt, as long as I avoided too much resistance, I could manage a bit on the stationary bike. Running still danced in the back of my head….

I needed to dig deep for some motivation. There were lows, and highs..mostly lows. Feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t run, couldn’t dance, couldn’t wear heels, couldn’t whatever…  So I crashed my own pity party and came up with the wonderful (?!) idea of competing in a triathlon. It would give me a reason to bike and swim, and stay away from running for awhile. I’d figure that part out later, I told myself.  So with that thought in my head, I swam. and biked. I didn’t run.

And now that lingering triathlon date is approaching. I’m officially signed up. There’s no turning back.

What did I get myself into? Here goes…


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