Tossing the Plan

September 10, 2009 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

Well apparently I’m not too good at keeping up with this “plan” thing…

So I have been following a modified training plan for my sprint tri (in TWO WEEKS!!!!) that is swim focused, maninly because I hadn’t been doing much swimming since my high school days, and I figured of the 3, that had the least impact and would make the most sense to do most often to keep my footsies functioning. I was proud of myself, for the most part I was following the plan, at least as far as swimming goes.  I was swimming the exact number of minutes the plan specified. No more than 10% increase each week, to the T. Then the other day I really started thinking…I was swimming mostly 50s, taking a quick break in between, then doing more 50s. Maybe a tad of breaststroke here and there to “recover”.  Then I started doing the math for how many laps I was going to need to swim race day….not 2…4…10…but 12!! Being able to do a 50 meant squat! So I essentially bagged my training plan. I’ll still swim those days, but I don’t care how many minutes. I have 2 weeks to work my way up to at least a 300, without overtraining. So yesterday I just jumped in and did 100, 2 150s, and 100. Short and sweet, but wow was I way more wiped out than usual. So I reworked the rest of my plan to slowly get up to 300 (ignoring the fact that my practice pool is yards not meters, oh well!). If I can handle it training, hopefully the extra race-day adrenaline will give me the extra boost I need to keep on racing after I exhaust myself in the pool!


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