Reckless Running

November 26, 2009 at 11:09 pm Leave a comment

I used to be what I call a “reckless runner”.  I paid no attention to proper training, technique, or preventing injury.  To prove my point, I ran a half-marathon when I was 16.  I think I might have completed two long runs before the race. TWO. Total. Not to say I jumped off the couch or anything- I was quite active- I played field hockey, ran track, went to the gym…but that’s not the same as running 13.1 miles. But hey I was 16, like anybody could tell me what to do. I actually did fine. Good actually- I didn’t get hurt, and I ran it in 1:58:25.  (Co-ed marathon, team Twinkle Toes…oh yeaah)

I couldn’t jump off my cushy couch and run half that far now if I wanted, but that’s not my point.

My point is, that was dumb. I’m smarter now. (And more injury prone).

I’m saying adios to running with reckless tenacity.

(It’s called training right? Not just doing.)

So if I’m not being reckless, what am I doing? I’m listening to my body.  I’m stopping at the first sign of pain.  I’m following the rules. I’m increasing slowly.  Wearing good shoes, running on soft surfaces, not setting lofty goals.

That last one’s tough. I’m one of those all-or-nothing people. I constantly find myself making plans and schedules, only to then miss one day and say I’ve screwed up so forget it.  This time I don’t have a plan. (Ok, maybe later). I don’t have anything set in my mind when I set out.  No time frame, no distance goal. Just a little running. Maybe some walking and jogging and then running some more. I’m warming up. Stretching. Cooling down.

I leave you with this:


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Dazzle Dash-ing Treadmilling to my Heart’s Content

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