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Kids in the Kitchen

There’s no such thing as “too early” to learn about nutritious eating. I’m not talking calories and fat, I’m talking healthy choices.

Tonight at the women’s ACC tournament I had the opportunity to pass out brochures encouraging kids to stop by certain stations to learn about healthy habits. Some of those stations included exciting exercise, portion distortion, and rethink your drink.

Before I headed to the tournament I grabbed a few snacks. I can’t talk about food all night and be hungry!

I had a quick tasting plate of Granny Smith apples, sharp cheddar cheese, and Wheat Thins Multigrain crackers.

snack plate cheese and apples

Not such a great picture, but yay for the ACC tournament!acc

I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get to work with kids at the different stations, but at least I was able to help a little by passing out booklets.

On the way home I stopped at Spring Garden Pizza (the same place Kelly and I went for pizza & beer after our marathon relay) and picked up some pizza. The husband and I split a half carnivore/ half buffalo pizza. We had to talk them into making it half and half…geez! (Wanna guess whose side was whose?!)

pizza buffalo pizza

Now off for some sleep and work in the am! And hopefully finally catching up on some homework! Gee what an exciting Saturday. I hope yours is looking better than mine!! 🙂

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Enter Exciting Title Here

Warning: This is going to be a lame-o-lame post.

I’ve been rushing around all day trying to get everything done at work so I can sneak out a little early to get to the ACC tournament with time to fight the bound-to-be-crazy parking situation. I grabbed some pretty boring eats throughout the day. Hey, not every day can be exciting, right?

Anywhere here goes:

   that noodle bowl

Random frozen Thai noodles that I stuck in the work freezer who knows how long ago.

It smelled really good- a mixture of coconut and lemongrass- but on my official taste rating scale it receives just an “eh”.

thai noodles

Then I munched an a Quaker True Delights Cafe Square. These things were on super sale at Target the other day when I really needed a snack, so I grabbed a couple different flavors. Umm think before you buy. These things were way disappointing.

true delights

I wish I had a quarter to put next to this picture to show you how big miniature this thing is. I was SO bummed when I opened the box and saw these sad excuses for a snack. The taste was like a wannabe candy bar- if I wanted a candy bar I would’ve bought a candy bar. Oh well.

granola bar


The best part of the day was celebrating Friday with a poor girl’s cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. (It’s really a misto with sugar free cinnamon syrup.) Works for me though. And the barista accidently gave me a grande instead of a tall 🙂

poor girl misto

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you this would be boring)


How do you celebrate Friday?!

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Not So Basic Oats

Sometimes it’s comforting to go back to basics.

Is it strange that I consider oatmeal, wheat germ, flaxseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut, chia seeds, cottage cheese, wheat berries, pecans, and almond butter basic?!

oats & almond butter oatmeal

I’m always adding some kind of fruit or veggie, like bananas or pumpkin, and sometimes I forget that I really like it the way I started eating it. Just with cottage cheese and nut butter.

I usually prefer peanut butter on my oatmeal, or at least a combo of PB and almond butter, but this morning I opted for just almond butter. It just seemed right.

So good. I could actually taste all those ingredients in there without the extra flavors hiding them- cinnamon, coconut….mmmm.

Any fun plans for the weekend?! I’m volunteering at the Women’s ACC Tournament tonight!

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