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Something Fishy

I munched on some cheese and crackers- Monterey Jack and Wheat Thins Multigrain- while I tried to conjure up an idea for dinner.

cheese and crackers

I came up with nothing. I used up my entire allotment of creative cooking ability for the week on last night’s eggplant burger & homemade spelt rolls I guess.

Tonight was a little more simple: tuna melts and spinach nuggets.

tuna melt and nuggets

Veggie Patch Spinach Nuggets. They’re ok. I probably won’t buy them again though.spinach nuggets

Tuna melt: chunk light tuna, celery, jalapenos, red onion, Italian seasoning, black pepper, and spicy brown mustard on Double Fiber bread and topped with provolone cheese- a few minutes under the broiler and voila. Dinner’s done!

tuna melt

Dessert was some more of my banana bread experiment with almond butter and chopped walnuts. I’m loving the banana bread-almond butter combo.

vegan banana bread

Hope you have a good night!


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Teach Me How to Swim

Things I learned today:

1. I do not have time to eat, swim, and shower during my lunch break. Duly noted.

2. Mom may have been right about not swimming after you eat.

More on that later.



I had another True Delights, this time in granola bar form. I say Quaker sticks to the granola bars and forget those jokes of a snack they call a cafe square.

These were the toasted coconut banana macadamia flavor. (What, is there a prize for the longest name?!) Still a little sweet for my liking, but a huge step up from the last one I tried. These are weird though- I had two: one was disgusted and tasted like fake banana flavor, and the other one was pretty good. Hmm.

true delights bar

Then more vegetarian meatloaf. Goodness gracious. This is the last time you’ll see this. It’s finally finally gone. It looks a little gross I know, but I had to do something to change it up a bit since this is the 800,000th time I’ve eaten it. I dumped some mashed sweet potatoes, pasta sauce, and roasted red peppers on top. lentil loaf

As much as I despise mixing my food together, this was actually really good. The sweet potatoes moistened up the on-their-last-leg lentils pretty nicely.

veggie loaf and sweet potatoes

Swim Time

After I crammed some food in my face, I dashed over to the pool to get in a swim.

I admit it; I don’t like swimming when everyone else is swimming. I don’t like sharing lanes with lots of people. I don’t like feeling like I need to swim faster, or slower, or stop, or don’t stop just to stay out of people’s way. I swim for me, not them, so I hate when they interfere. I admit I’m being a pool snob, and it’s not really a big deal- I put on my big girl panties and swim anyways, but it’s more fun to whine about it 🙂

It’s the clearly the most crowded before and after work, so I figured I’d try in between. Yeahhh I told I was bad at math- my lunch break is not long enough for that. Nice try anyways, Heather.

To make matters worse, as I walked into the pool area, there were two ladies standing in the pool chit-chatting, with one lane in between them. As I went to grab a kickboard they started giving me nasty looks and whispering.  Uhh, really?

Turns out they thought it meant a class was starting. Apparently by telling them no, I was just there for a swim, I really meant “Hey let’s hang out and chit chat.” They kept asking me how to use the float-y dumbbells and when different classes were and what exercises they should do based on this and that injury and blah-di-blah-di-da. I was polite at first, answered what questions I thought were appropriate, then continued swimming.

I kid you not, the one lady tapped me on the shoulder to stop swimming to ask me more questions!!!! In my head I said “While I’m at it, should I teach you how to swim too?” But I didn’t say it out loud because I’m not ugly like that. And they’d probably have said yes.

Needless to say, I probably got a whopping total of 500 yards in. Oh well, at least it was entertaining.

And now I know lunchtime is not the time to swim. No time to shower, and momma was kinda right- swimming after eating may not make you drown*, but it might make your tummy hurt 😉

*K, theoretically, it could, but come on now

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Punkin Oats & DYKT #6

Yup, you guessed it: pumpkin oats for breakfast! Again.

 pumpkin oats

Today was my usual oat combo plus Amazing Grass powder, cottage cheese, pumpkin, walnuts, and peanut butter.

 pumpkin oatmeal pb on oats

And coffee 🙂




Did you know that kids who are moderately overweight shouldn’t  be put on a diet?

In our obesity-centric world it’s easy to think that anybody who’s overweight should automatically be on a diet. kids are a different story. They’re still growing, and more importantly they’re still in their formative years- both physically and mentally. Putting a kid on a diet can have lasting effects on their self-image & self-esteem.

Instead, it’s currently recommended to help moderately overweight kids (10-15 pounds) make small changes in lifestyle, such as improvements in eating choices, increasing physical activity, and decreasing screen time. Adding fruits, veggies, and whole grains and cutting back on junk food can help improve diet quality.

The idea is to slow the rate of weight gain- that way as they continue to grow in height, their weight will gradually become more appropriate for their new height. A low calorie diet can inhibit height growth & deprive kids of the vital nutrients they need for development.

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