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Running Tunes

I am happy to report today’s conference was much better than yesterday! No exciting store openings though. Though I fear being boring, I was so exhausted that I turned to the freezer for dinner.

I pulled out my favorite standby Lean Cuisine: Tortilla Crusted Fish with Mexican rice.

tortilla crusted fish

And some corn nuggets on the side. That’s the last of them – no more freaky nugget-fied veggies 🙂

corn nuggets

That didn’t quite cut it for me, so I snacked on some Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal with milk for “dessert”. (I might have broken into the husband’s cereal stash….)



It’s playlist time!!! I’m getting to make a playlist for my half marathon so I don’t have to worry about switching through songs I don’t like. Or super slow sad ones.

Some frequent players from training:

“Welcome Home” Coheed & Cambria

“Get Outta My Way” Carolina Rain

“Glamorous” Fergie

“Here it Goes Again” Ok Go

“Face Down” The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

“Snow (Hey Oh)” Red Hot Chili Peppers

“You Give Love a Bad Name” Bon Jovi

“I Stand Alone” Godsmack



I have trouble picking songs to run to because I get caught up in listening to the music instead of picking good, upbeat, motivating songs.


What’s your favorite running song?! Ready go…

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Let the Carbing Begin

I made lots of extra pasta & veggies last night. I think I got a little carried away—I have this plus a whole other container left. I was trying to make a little extra for today’s lunch, but apparently I made enough for dinner too. Oh well!

pasta leftovers

veggies & pasta

I also brought a whole grain flatbread and some roasted red pepper hummus for dipping.

lunch leftovers

And more snacks, since they saved me from fading away yesterday. Let’s see… I have a Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter bar, almonds, applesauce, Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, and some pretzels!

snack foods

The race expo starts today! I wish I could go right now!!! 😦

March 19, 2010 at 1:41 pm 1 comment

Sneaky Friday

Today’s breakfast might look a little familiar…..  more oatmeal breakfast cookies!!

oatmeal breakfast cookies

I’m missing my bowl of oatmeal, but I’m glad I have a closes substitute. Yesterday they also had fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, and yogurt for breakfast, along with coffee and tea. Kind of random, but a nice post-oatmeal snack. 🙂

(Oh and by the way, these breakfast cookies work perfectly fine without the almond milk and baking soda I forgot yesterday- they’re dense & moist!)

I’ve definitely got a nice mug of coffee waiting for me to drink in the car too. I’m looking forward to some more fresh fruit once I get there too. Mmmm strawberries & pineapple!

Oh my gosh it’s Friday!! My week has been so crazy that I’ve completely lost track of what day is what. I sure hope I don’t forget when SUNDAY rolls around!!!

Sorry it’s short & quick, but gotta go get my learn on- conference style!

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