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Feeling Tropical

If anybody was wondering whether you work your leg muscles in Pilates or not, you do.

Nothing like being sore from running to let you know what muscles you use 🙂

The Pilates class I take is usually the same thing every week. I figured I’d go tonight just to get the blood flowing, and I could use the beginner modifications if I needed to.

Well, of course this happened to be the class with NO beginners, so the instructor decided it was time for some advanced moves! Of course. Haha. I had to make some modifications for my feet, but I did pretty well overall. We’ll see if I pay for it tomorrow though…



I’ve been pretty hungry since yesterday, so I wanted a dinner that was going to be filling. I opted for brown rice with chicken, peppers, and pineapple!

1/2 cup short grain brown rice

1 cup water (or broth)

2 chicken breasts

1 yellow bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

1 onion

4 slices pineapple

Adobo sauce

Jerk sauce



Combine rice & water and bring to a boil. Cook until water is absorbed (~30 minutes for me). Chop peppers & onions. Place on baking sheet with pineapple and roast at low heat while rice cooks. Slice chicken and marinate in adobo sauce for a few minutes. Sauté over medium high heat until cooked through.

Coat veggies with jerk sauce, then serve with rice & chicken. Top with basil.

 peppers & pineapple

I love cooked pineapple- especially grilled….so delicious!

rice, peppers, & pineapple

It was fantastic! It didn’t fill me up though- now I’m eating a bowl of cereal 🙂

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Half Marathon Pictures

Here’s some pictures that didn’t make it into my recap.

Some pictures from the race site the day before:

brooks park

USA National Baseball Training field at Thomas Brooks Park.

usa national baseball park

DSCN3147 marathon start & finish practicing

Amber & Kirsten “practicing”.

finish strong

My motto.

half marathon starting line

Me at the starting line.

amber and I

Amber and I the day before the race.

Race day pictures:

pink ladies

These ladies were cute in their matching pink shirts- they all held hands to cross the finish line.

shake and bake

I caught this a little late but the back of their shirts said “Shake”, “’N Bake”, and “That just happened”. That gave me a good laugh 🙂

And some pictures from the newspaper:

half start

Half & Full race start.

race start

Beginning of the race before it got to the trail.

half marathon medals

Medals for the half marathon!

Official race photos aren’t up yet—I hope there’s some good ones. Or at least really funny bad ones 🙂

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Playing Catch Up

Just relaxing and recuperating here! I feel pretty good except for going down stairs. If only I could remember that before I went up them….

For lunch I decided to “fix” up last night’s pizza by adding some goat cheese, basil, and rosemary. It didn’t make it absolutely fantastic, but since we already know goat cheese can make dirt taste good, it was a definite improvement!

(Not loving the restaurant pizza is making me pretty proud of my own homemade versions :))

pizza slices

With some lovely green lima beans on the side. I was never in the “I hate lima beans” club. But what’s to be expected, I love Brussels spouts too. 🙂

lima beans

I totally went back for more limas too.

pizza & lima beans 


I’m off to go catch up on all the work I missed last week due to travelling and the conference. I had to put it all on different lists because having it all face me at once was way too daunting! I’d love to go to Pilates tonight, but don’t know if that counts as not resting? I think it’d be fine, right?! It’s relaxing 🙂

Now I need to come up with a new training plan for the half next month…I’m definitely taking it easy this week to make sure I’m fully recovered, but then I only have 3 weekends worth of long runs to fit in. Any suggestions on what distances I should go for?!

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Hey Mr Sunshine

Did you check out my half-marathon recap?! You should 🙂 Or at least skip to the part where I finished in 2:04:25 and was way happy about it!

There was a horrible intense storm last night, but in the morning it was like nothing even happened. The sun was out and shining, and the birds were chirping away.

Today’s oatmeal included pumpkin, cottage cheese, almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, pecans, and sunflower seeds. With peanut butter. Oh and Amazing Grass powder.

nut topped oats

I couldn’t resist eating them outside even though it was a little wet out there.

oats in sunshine

I’m not gonna lie- it was a little tough coming down the stairs this morning… just a tad on the sore side haha. Today is definitely a recovery day!!

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