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To Publish or Not…

Did anybody see last week’s Parks & Rec with the overly loud park security guy Carl? That was my life tonight.

To say the husband is a diehard WVU fan is an understatement. He HAD to see the game tonight, and when we found out it wasn’t going to be on our tv, he was on a mission to find it. Three restaurants later, we ended up at Cooper’s Ale House, which is quite the interesting weeknight scene. I’d say it’s full of “regulars”. By regulars I mean drunks. And by that I mean they thought they were our new best friends. It was an odd combination between pure entertainment and utter discomfort.

Anyway, the one guy that insisted on sitting at our dinner table YELLED REALLY LOUDLY every time he talked. Just like Carl.

I decided to distract myself with some nachos. Pretty much the exact inverse of my taco salad lunch. Reverse ratios of lettuce to tortilla chips 🙂

nacho chips nachos

This salsa was amazing! I ate most of it (minus the olives) but brought a little bit home along with some of the husband’s fries.


Well, I’m going to keep this short because I’m pretty sure I completely broke my blog earlier, and I have no idea whether this will even making it past publishing. Cross your fingers…..

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Taco (Salad) Thursday

I love salad but almost never eat it at home for 2 reasons:

1. I can’t find good looking lettuce

2. I’m too darn lazy to wash it and cut it up (and I don’t like most of those bagged ones that give you maybe half a bowl of salad.)

But luckily I thought ahead the other day and chopped & washed the whole head of lettuce for my taco salad!!

I already had the seasoned corn & black beans mixed in with the lettuce, so I just added some avocado, jalapenos, tortilla chips, salsa, and some Caesar dressing just for kicks.

taco salad

I wanted some Morningstar Farms Chik’n Nuggets on the side, and was so sad to see only 2 lonely nuggets in the bottom of the box. 😦

chik'n nuggets

This salad really has me craving some real tacos…

taco salad lunch

I wasn’t quite filled up by that, so followed the salad up with a Quaker True Delights toasted coconut banana macadamia bar and some Jello Rice Pudding. This True Delights flavor is starting to grow on me….I sure wish they’d come up with a shorter name instead of listing all the ingredients. The rice pudding was…ok. Good for convenience, but kind of had a watery aftertaste.


(Hello somebody needs to wash her placemats….)

Well I’m glad I decided to take it easy and just go for a walk instead of run yesterday- not to be a baby, but my I woke up with my feet hurting 10x more than after running Sunday. Good thing I didn’t run! I think I’m going to stick with non impact activities the rest of the week, then start up a new training plan on Monday.

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Today started off with a huge new container of chia seeds!! I mixed up some more pre-mixed oat combo, and then made some pumpkin-chia oats for breakfast.

chia seeds


Oatmeal, cottage cheese, pumpkin, almond milk, chia seeds, pecans, and peanut butter!

pb & oats oatmeal

Along with a nice foamy mug of coffee.


Race Photos

Ok I promise this is the last time I mention the half marathon, but official race photos were just posted. They actually weren’t as bad as typical race photos haha…well maybe they were…


<—I’m in the background there

running half marathon

playing gazelle

<–What the heck am I doing in this picture?!? Maybe someone should tell me that you don’t have to literally prance over the finish line- it’s ok to step on it.

post race

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